Snapshot Yangzhou: university campus

Trees that reach out and up like open hands lined the long, winding entrance road to Yangzhou University. There was a bit of debate as to why the trunks were painted white, but the most logical conclusion is that they reflect for better night vision. Hallways and roadways are dark at night in most Chinese cities, as these extra lights would be huge electricity hogs. I walked down this corridor at night several times, at least once by myself, and never once felt at all unsafe; the same can be said for the hallways of my dorm building. It was just a superfluous electrical function. I don't know how much that will change in the future, but I found the white stripes added even more character to the welcoming road into campus, and actually did make the road's edges show up. It was refreshing to see such alternatives to long electrical wires and light poles snaking all the way down the vista. And the road was rarely used to cars, as no students had them, and cabs were not allowed past the main gates; this made meandering walks more tranquil. (Photos, 2007)

I was always charmed and delighted by the various art created by students that was positioned throughout the campus. This was an open exhibition, but I was also lucky enough to be shown one of their studios. Pictures of that to come.