Arithmetic, for the floor

I can finally post pictures of the gift I made for Elodie Watson's first birthday, since her party was yesterday. She has two math teachers as parents, and so I was struck one night (literally, while driving home around 1 a.m.) that I should make numbers in the same way that I have made oversize letters before. And I already had this amazing pink corduroy that I couldn't resist, but had yet to do anything with. I cut out pattern pieces, which I gave to Ashley so that she can make more numbers (and therefore build to more complicated and bigger number combinations), and made a 0 through 9, plus an addition, subtraction, and equals sign in grey flannel. The edges are raw, so there's no turning out or anything--adds more character.

I love the color, that right pink is so much fun. The image I had in my head was Elodie just wandering around with a number in-hand, since they are cuddly and squishy and a perfect size for her. This was even more fun than the letters I've done before, since it did not require making 26+ pieces, and because numbers are an equally important component of learning for the little ones.

So fun, so cute.