Life, at this moment

How can anyone resist a survey, right?
Right now, I am...
:: marveling at my new, beautiful set of rings from an amazing silversmith in Jerusalem, Israel--they feel perfect
:: tired of weekly assigned readings for my classes. I'm truly, honestly over reading for class.
:: laughing because that is what you do when things are out of your control and you just have to embrace the moment, and the unknown beyond it
:: overwhelmed by the effort, art, and never-ending disheartening search for a full-time job after graduation
:: pleasantly surprised that there is a cupcake kiosk right near my office that is better than any I've been able to find lately. dangerous.
:: wondering where in the heck I will be living in 4 months' time (also, what I'll be doing...)
:: grateful for my boyfriend
:: hearing silence, one of my most favorite sounds
:: going to the coffee shop down the street soon, since I skipped breakfast and my regular morning cup earlier
:: planning an art project
:: digging deeper every day into the history, activism, and modern-day issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and its devastation
:: creating new friendships (by being brave enough to seek them out)
:: listening to something greater than me, trusting that having no plan is OK right now
:: saying less is more
:: inspired by every square I view of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, and the stories and lives behind each
:: happy to be in Atlanta, Georgia
:: delighted that my capstone project might actually work
:: waiting to see what meaning I can create out of my passions, interests, and talents -- is there a job that suits all I seek to do, be, change, in this world?
:: being the person I am, each day at a time