Sneak peek: Dublin loft living

Last week, I took a day trip down to Dublin, Georgia, where my parents have lived for almost ten years. I went to spend some time with my Mom, leading up to her 55th birthday, but also to got through some things they still have in storage that need to be whittled down as they continue downsizing. I took some photos of where they live now, because I think that in a few years, they will have wanted to have a bit of documentation of this phase in their lives, and where they worked through big shifts and took on different commitments, now that their children have grown and moved out. I love this one-bedroom loft. I love the tall ceilings, the old floors, the way the whole unit is a bit tilted--literally, furniture tilts forward slightly. And my Mom has it stylishly understated, which she can keep in order far more easily than when multiple kids and multiple friends tore through the living room and kitchen constantly. She says, oh, there's so much sewing stuff around, so many dresses (it's prom and pageant season) hanging and flopped over everywhere. But that's part of their moment right now too. It's life, right now.

My mom is often giddy when she talks about no longer having a mortgage. Freedom.