"If I was noticing, then I was working." I am working.

This describes so perfectly how I approach this time in my life. One writer to others, young: [quote cite="George Saunders" url="http://writeliving.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/writeliving-interview-george-saunders/"]

Can you share an example of overcoming adversity to keep your writing dream alive?
Although it can be really hard to be a young writer, I’d advise trying not to think in terms of “overcoming adversity” but, rather, trying to use those experiences to train oneself in learning to think like a writer.  So, I can remember times when I found myself in a strange or difficult or even somewhat degrading work situation, and writing was miles away – but I always felt (or tried to feel) like if I was noticing, then I was working.   That is, the young writer can do a little mental switch, and think: “Ah, so this too is part of America,” or “So this too is part of life – these feelings that I’m having and all of these physical details I’m seeing around me, and the reactions of the other people in this situation – are all interesting.”  Not easy to think that way, but if you can nurture that tendency in yourself, it becomes a sort of armor.


From the blog Writeliving.

Stephen King and Tina Fey both also talk about jobs in their early adulthood and the impact it's had on their perspective as a writer.

I am using all of these experiences, storing it in my brain, making meaning. It'll come out in my words someday.