Calm tones, flying geese



I started this quilt ages ago. (Read about its beginnings here.) No, really, it might be one of the earliest quilts I wanted to make, after I had a sewing machine and had made a couple. I loved the palette of these colors, murky, calm, cool, and I love flying geese. But, turns out they take a long time to make, and I got bored making them. So I decided, this is modern quilting, I'll put them against a lot of negative space! Then I decided I would use the geese to practice my hand quilting. In the interim years from when I started this (2012, if I have to put a date on it) and when I finished it a few weeks ago, Brittany came into my brother's life, and then our family forever when she had Adrian, my niece. Now she's also an Edens, and I have two sisters-in-law.

Turns out this color scheme is exactly her. I couldn't have designed something more perfect for her if I was trying, I think. Also, there were so many hours wrapped up in that quilt, as well as one blood stain and one wine stain (classic quilter, there) that I didn't want to sell it and definitely didn't want it to leave the family.

The quilt is mostly Kona Pepper, and it is backed in the micro-corduroy made in the same Kona Pepper, which reads slightly more grey than the regular cotton. I did straight-line quilting where there are no geese or squares, and hand quilted inside the geese and squares. All kona solids on this one.