Dark Star Mini


*This quilt is for sale, $300. Contact if interested.*

Machine pieced and hand quilted, naturally dyed textiles from Brainerd, MN.

This quilt was inspired by the breath-taking and always gorgeous work of Maura Ambrose, under her company Folk Fibers. I have to restrain myself from not simply making a replica of every one of her quilts. This one is a mini (something I usually have shied away from, but am seeing the appeal nowadays) using all natural-dyed fabrics and hand-quilted. It was machine pieced.  

I bought these fabrics in a bundle from Cherrywood Fabrics while at QuiltCon 2015, and feeling particularly impressed and inspired, as I had just finished Maura's workshop on natural dyeing. I had new-found appreciation for the difficulty of creating black fabric through natural dyeing, so I made sure to grab some of that to go with my pretty pinky-reds (made by the madder root, I had just learned). This simple star, bold the way the colors play off one another, is the result.

Using all natural-dyed fabrics and hand quilted, 24"x24"; 2015. Binding and photography finished this year, hence the delay.

jessie quilts-9379.jpg
jessie quilts--3.jpg