I love: Triangles

I have been obsessing over the triangles and colors in this quilt, by Blue is Bleu, for several days now, since it came up on my Pinterest feed. I've sketched it several times, poorly as I am wont to do, because I just can't get it out of my head. Triangles and their bold geometry have been on the back-burner of my creative juices for awhile. Back in September, I impulsively bought a bunch of fabric for a menswear quilt (different project) and added on a flying geese triangle plastic template, which I have yet to use at all. To be quite honest, they look stunning, but I know how sneakily tricky triangles can be in quilts-- all those points to match and perfect. And while I embrace wonky shapes and modern aesthetic, I still don't want to end up with a quilt made of triangles that, well, suck.

So I'll keep this image in my brain for the day when I'm ready to tackle triangles. I adore everything Audrie has done: the all-solids, the rich splashes of tangerine and gold and red, the quilting lines--simple and geometric--the binding (that black and white punch!), and the shapes themselves.