Conquering triangles: quilt class update

This sounds like a ridiculous title. But this week, I conquered triangles. And not only enjoyed, but relished the process.

And you're right, triangles aren't scary. But in sewing, and especially quilting--with its tiny and precise piecing--cutting the bias creates waves, curves, and stretching. And triangles have, by definition, at least one long side that is cut on the bias. Just like I took a quilting class to conquer my (more minor) fear of quilting curves into project, so I am now taking a class to ease me into the art of triangles. And the videos and techniques I've watched, learned, and attempted so far have gotten me past the fear.

Not only past the fear, but downright enjoying playing with triangles in my quilt squares. Suddenly there is this dynamic, this new movement, in my designs that has never been there before. I have made some modern and bold quilts that I love, and learned some skills and overcome some pitfalls while working through those. But as long as I'm still using only straight lines and rectangles, it's arguably still beginner-level skills.

Being an intermediate quilter is so exciting! I took immense pleasure in watching each of these crisp points appear as the block progressed. I pressed the final products, one by one, startled by the motion and motif in these squares that I made. First the Pinwheel block, where I first used the concept of half-square triangles (freaking brilliant!) and then the Double Pinwheel (because the first one was too much fun). Finally, last night, I conquered the Ohio Star, using quarter-square triangles and a lot of careful contemplation to make sure the right colors are in the right places in relation to each other as I cut, stitched, and pressed.

I am so delighted with these new skills and these quilt blocks, I could squeal!