Ben & Jessie's Reception

Some details for our guests...

I figured since we don't have a website (we don't have nearly enough to say to merit that), I'd post a few items to note here so that everyone knows what to expect and where to go on October 26.



Rooftop reception begins at 8 pm on Saturday, October 26. Invite only, please. It will be held on the communal rooftop terrace at our apartment building, and there will be either a person or some kind of decoration to let you know you're in the right spot.

Parking is along Marietta Street, on the same side as the building itself. I have counted more than 20 cars easily on the street at others' rooftop events, but even so, carpooling with at least one other person will help cut down on the number of cars taking up space. (I assume many of you are carpooling anyway, at least with your date.)


The desserts and drinks will be plentiful! Cakes, doughnuts, pops, and plenty of other delicious treats. A menu and fully-stocked bar. This is an after-dinner event - I don't want any of you going into a sugar coma from the drinks and desserts because you came on an empty stomach! You've been warned. (We will be bringing in reinforcements for party-goers who stay past the half-way mark of the night.)


I would call this semi-formal. No tuxes in sight, but come wearing your most fun, fancy frocks! And a note, in the fall evenings, up on the roof, it can get a bit breezy, so a lovely little coat, shawl, scarf, or  other coverup for the ladies will be a wise decision.


Please bring your smartphones or cameras (or both, heck!) and snap lots of pictures for us! We want everything candid, nothing lame like us standing in front of a brick wall. So we're counting on you to take some really fun pics. We'll have a few cameras on-hand as well. Maybe some props, if I can scrounge some up here somewhere... But I can definitely say that the backdrop will be gorgeous and you'll want to take at least a few.


Sorry if we made it tough on any of you by not registering for gifts. We are blessed with many things already and didn't want to ask for more stuff while also inviting you to a reception-only event where we don't even feed you fancy chicken. But the good news is, if we've invited you, you're part of a small group of people most special to us, and so it's safe to assume you know us well enough to have an idea what we might like. All that said, though, we really just want to see your face! Please don't stress about this part.


If you've got any other questions at all, please reach out to me! You should have either my phone number or email address, Twitter or Instagram handle, any way that works for you. I am more than happy to answer anything - hotels, shoe advice, whatever you need. Can't wait to see you!